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Eveline Drummen
Artistic supervisor and director


Eveline Drummen has been a performing international Soloist Ballerina for the past 14 years, made choreographys, worked as assitant for ballet and opera choreography and worked in modelling and fashion. She found inspiration to start her own project with Bahros in the need to realise her vision towards improvisational art. A challenge she felt to risk herself for in these times of confinement.
It also reflects in the concept we follow in this project, the quest to search for the reality within oneself. The challenge to confront and become truly independent, in order to realise and see, what actually your reality is, or should be. What we see as normality, is maybe what is confining us even more all the time.
For this project Eveline has organised everything on her own from scratch with the trust and support from her proffesional network. This is a very special and personal project that she as an Artist feels to develop with worldclass artists and proffesionals.
During this time of confinement she got inspired from this coöperative creative work, and evoluted herself to start painting and performing. The result is a never seen before performance, exchange of energy from performing artists in a complete new way and combining improvisational art in a most transcendental experience. To see her paintings click on the button below. 
(picture by Louis Piquemil)

Eveline Drummen Artistic supervisor and director: Services
Eveline Drummen Artistic supervisor and director: Image

Streets of Nice. Picture by Drew Tommons

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